Dear brothers, sisters, fellow workers of light,

I have been compelled by the forces of love and light, in behalf of, and in service to, the Creator’s Son, Christ Michael of Nebadon (the former Jesus of Nazareth), under the auspices of the Correcting Time mandate, to recruit and organize a core of dedicated individuals who are willing to serve God and humanity, in sonship; in brotherhood; and in liaison with the spiritual forces of love and light, by volunteering their time and their unique abilities to reach out and touch the lives of others who are in need of love, understanding, healing, consolation, and spiritual intervention in circumstance or in purpose. To send out light where it is needed to illuminate those who stumble in darkness.

If you have been spiritually touched in some way by the teachings of Ophelius and the Circle of Seven ( and you feel a special connection and identify with its message, you may be called to join the Circles Project. The goal of this project is to establish a mortal counterpart to the teaching Circles and ministry like that of the Circle of Seven, but with an expanded vision for healing, prayer, education, counseling, and the advancement of personal spiritual progress through the learning and self-mastery of the seven disciplines of Life in the Circles: WILL, KNOWLEDGE, JOY, TRUTH, UNDERSTANDING, SYMPATHY, and LOVE.

I will be posting a series of tri-weekly lessons from a book published in the 1920s and received through the process of automatic writing called: LIFE IN THE CIRCLES. It was this book that was made known to me just after my initial contact with Ophelius and the Circle of Seven, which I understood to be a training manual for initiates into the Circles of life. Although this book is in the public domain and can be easily found and read in its entirety, I strongly urge you to read it as it is presented here in tri-weekly lesson form, so that it can be contemplated, understood, and put in practice as the lessons are presented. The source material will be unchanged, but I have taken the liberty to omit certain parts that I believe are irrelevant to the purposes of this project.

After all the lessons have been presented, I will ask those initiates who wish to be inducted into the Circles project to contact me through email and introduce yourself. All I require is a first name (real or fabricated), and an email address for the purpose of communication within the Circle. God knows who you are and it is also likely that you have already been chosen by the Circle as one who is capable to serve in this blessed ministry. Each of you have been given unique talents and abilities, latent or realized, that are useful in bringing light to this confused and dark world. Let us join together in spiritual unity to freely serve God and man--all men and all women.

To be of the Circles is to be of sincere intent and purity of heart and mind. It is a serious commitment and should not be taken lightly. “For man to belong to the Circles brings great responsibilities because he will be given much knowledge and we will expect him to understand that this is given only for use of the world.” (Life in the Circles p.54)

Prerequisites for Initiates of the Circles:

Initiates recognize and believe in the one true God, the creator of all there is, and that God is your spiritual Father and you are his child. Those that believe this have sonship with the Father and have the potential for eternal life in service to the Creator. This prerequisite dose not discount, nullify, or discredit in any way, other very important deity relationships, personal, or religious beliefs held by any initiate. We must, as workers of light who wish to see the earth come into the age of light and life--to truly want peace on earth and goodwill toward all men and women, have to strip away our prejudices; the preconditions of doctrines and dogmas; and reach out to all men and women as true brothers and sisters--siblings in the family of the one true God, the Father of all. All are invited to serve, and all are worthy to receive Gods great love and mercy.

Exceptions and Assumptions:

If you came here through the portal of the Correcting Time blog ( or was referred by a friend, you may know the background of the spirit writings posted there and the foundational understanding of the revelations of the Urantia Book. The truths in the Urantia book are fundamental to the basis of the spirit writings and uses common terminology and referral to spiritual concepts and personalities described therein. Although the terminology used in “Life in the Circles” has similarities with concepts in the Urantia Book, it was received and published about 15 years prior to the materialization of the Urantia Papers. I have found within my investigation of “credible” spirit writings prior to the Urantia Papers, that most spirit personalities at the mid-mansion world level and higher, work in unity of purpose, but not necessarily in unity of terminology when communicating with the earth plane due to the radically dissimilar physical natures and the sublimity of environment. Those personalities on the lower levels of the mansion world system may still retain erroneous ideas and beliefs from their former earth lives, and as such, the messages cannot be wholly embraced as truth. It is my opinion that the writings contained in “Life in the Circles” was channeled from personalities on the third mansion world, yet much of the ideas and information was probably learned and passed on from teachers in higher Circles/levels.

In my personal communications to others and in web posts, I may be referring to concepts, ideas, and the teachings of Jesus, as defined by the Urantia Book. Because these teachings are not part of any organized religion, and it is in my opinion, all inclusive to all peoples with its universal message for which I have been led to discover through supernatural agents, I will continue to use it as reference and background material in my correspondence and communication with others. If this sounds like a contradiction to the prerequisite, I make no apology, and I hope that I will not offend anyone. I just ask that you keep an open mind.

What is Required of Initiates of the Circles?

1. Study, study, study, the lessons. Read and re-read until you understand the message. 2. Believe, believe, believe--the only limitations you have are from your unbelief. 3. Overcome, change, and live your life according to these truths and the laws of God. 4. Work with the spiritual forces of light and love and develop a relationship with your spiritual guides and teachers. Meditate, Meditate, Meditate! 5. Freely give, teach, pray, console, and send light where it is needed to heal and to love unconditionally. 6. Seize the opportunities as they are presented to you, to do this work and do it selflessly, without material reward or pride of ego. 7. To live the life of single-minded desire for and utter belief in the things of the spirit. To be a living example of one who has sonship with God and who bears the fruits of the spirit in daily life.

These requirements and teachings are not be fanaticized or become a replacement or an escapement for your life duties and family responsibilities. Life in the Circles should be a joy and not a burden. Use wise judgment and moderation in all things. Ask for the Spirit of Truth to guide you as you interpret the spiritual meanings contained in the lessons. Meditate often and ask questions about the things you do not understand or those things you need clarification on--first in meditation, then with others in the Circle. The emphasis of learning these truths is to rely more on spirit and less on man--be open to all possibilities.

How this all Works:

Friends, this is truly an adventure and an experiment. There’s no limit to what we can accomplish together when we have unity of spirit to do the will of God and serve humanity unselfishly. Life in the Circles is a pathway to unify and strengthen our personal relationship with spirit as well as a tool to develop self-mastery. The many emails I receive in response to the messages from Ophelius and the Circle of Seven, have encouraged me to take this next step in faith to expand the reach of spirit by educating the truth hungry souls of sincere men and women who feel the gravity of eternity and hear the divine call to action. For many, this may be the void filling substance of a destiny driven purpose.

First and foremost, read and understand the lessons as they are presented. If after a few weeks you decide that these teachings resonate with you and you want to continue on this path, please do so with great sincerity of heart. Email me with any questions you may have and I will be happy to discuss and clarify any of the lessons with you.

Once the final lesson has been posted, I would like those of you who would like to join the Circles project to email me and introduce yourself, if you have not already done so. Please don’t send me any personal information like full names, addresses, or phone numbers, but I do encourage you to send me stories of your personal experiences with spirit and any relevant information such as unique abilities, skills, and talents that may be helpful to the Circles Project (Reki healers, holistic practitioners, nursing, remote viewers, prayer groups, web developers, Journalist, poets, writers, teachers, special interest: archaeology, anthropology, ancient cultures, astronomy, world religions, musical abilities, genetics, theoretical physics, quantum mechanics, etc). Everyone who is drawn to these teachings has something to offer--even if it is only to pray for someone else, you add great value to the Circle.

The Circles Project will be Implemented in Two Phases:

Phase I will be reading, studying, meditating, and sending in your questions, thoughts, and concerns about the lessons.

Phase II will be organizing the core of the Circle and establishing the mission. What is the mission? To bring light, love, and healing to this world that is in such need, and to make contact with your guides so as to aid you in this important work. The details are yet to be unfolded to me by spirit, but with great faith, I anticipate doing the will of the Father with the guidance of his wise ministers; to bring together the greatest ideas from his faithful servants in the Circle; and to serve and uplift humanity one soul at a time, bringing this world one step closer to light and life.

The Circle Project can be a powerful force for good in a world of disparity and need. Together we can make it as great and as powerful as we want it to be, only our lack of vision and faith can limit us. As we are co-creators with the Father, having the divine indwelling of Him, there are no limits because we are children of the Most High God.

“You shall do even greater things than I”
Jesus of Nazareth.

God speed everyone,

Chris of the Circles

Monday, August 8, 2011

Meditation for Clearing the Planetary Spiritual Grid

The following guided meditation came to me over the weekend and was impressed upon me with great urgency that it should be practiced regularly, for there seems to be a great problem with the spiritual grid that surrounds our planet. There are many (millions) lost souls that remain on the earth plane that have not crossed over and it is urgent that we help these souls to come out of hiding and go with their guides into the light and continue on with the ascension process.

Please join me in practicing this simple meditation. Read it, understand it, then practice it in your own words and in your own way, the way that has most meaning to you. Since I started practicing this meditation, I have noticed in myself that I have a greater love for others--a noticeable influx of love welling up in me which I can only attribute to feeling sincere compassion for these stranded souls and acting as a conduit for the love of the Creator for his lost children.

Meditation for Clearing the Planetary Spiritual Grid

Ask the Creator to fill you with divine love, completely, all encompassing, in you and through you.  Feel this love course through you, take it all in and be at one with it.

Ask that you be filled with light, divine light, and see this light enter into you through your crown and ignite like a shining sun, giving off heat and light, and filling every dark place in and around your part of the planetary spiritual grid. 

Realize that there are many trapped souls and off world beings here that are frightened, confused, and in hiding on the earth plane that have not crossed over into the light to continue their ascension because of the confusion and rebellion that has taken hold on this world so many thousands of years ago.

With these souls and beings in mind, picture them cowering in the dark places, frightened, confused, and in need of love, the life force of the universe. Speak these words, picture them in your mind as you speak--like they were your own lost children, and encourage these souls to come into this divine light that is shining like the sun.  "LOVE, MERCY, FORGIVENESS, PEACE, HEALING, RECONCILIATION, UNITY."  As you speak each word, speak it as a divine invitation from the Creator to all these lost children--speak these words as you understand them in your heart and what they mean to you.  Reiterate these words over and over while calling them into the light.  Tell them how important each one is to the Creator--to the many, to the One, and how each is so dearly loved.  Tell them there is nothing to fear, and tell them that their guides are waiting to take them home, to go with them.

Picture in your mind, the spiritual planetary grid, like a wire mesh that is woven around mother Earth.  See the grid above your geographic area change from a dark grey color, to a bright white shining light that glows with vitality and life.  See this area as being cleaned and cleared of darkness and confusion.  Now sit with a thankful heart of gratitude for the opportunity to partake in creation and having helped these lost children find their way home, moving upward an inward, ascending on their path to perfection and God likeness.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gulf of Mexico - Recovery Meditation

It has been a very long time since I have posted to this blog and I apologize to all of you faithful light workers who frequent this blog.  When the gulf oil spill happened I was at a complete loss as to how I would begin to deal with such a disaster--a deep wound to Mother Earth and to all the people who are directly affected by this negligent misuse of our natural resources--the very life blood of the planet and the cradle of life for so many of God's creatures.  I hit a brick wall and could not see a clear path--a way to heal the water.

God sent an answer back to me in the form of a connection with someone of like vibration who felt the very same way about this very difficult problem of healing the water.  This person is Michele. She has found a way to send healing to the Gulf of Mexico and she is the author of this most beautiful healing meditation.  Michele is very passionate about healing the water and so I challenged her to put together a meditation from the heart and soul of her being, and she has created something very beautiful and full of light.  I hope you all will join together and send your healing light to the water.  Thank you Michele.

Light and Love,



Begin by imagining yourself at the center of the Milky Way. White light floods through your body, mind, spirit, and subtle bodies, filling in all fissures and dark spots. Feel the white light, and open your palms face-up, allowing the healing energies to accumulate. Now imagine your basic, conscious, and higher selves, perfectly integrated, and shining out through your 3rd eye. To do this, I imagine a radiant column of white light flowing up from well below my feet, up through my body, passing through the 3rd eye, and radiating out through the top of my head, well above my head. Now the bottom, top, and middle of the column of white light shoots forward, creating a "pyramid," as the light from the top, 3rd eye, and bottom culminate in a line that shines out through the 3rd eye, connecting us to God, to the center of the Milky Way, and, radiating out from there, to the distant reaches of the Universe. This looks like a pyramid of white light, the apex of the pyramid shining out through the 3rd eye. It is like imagining a pyramid on its side, with you at its center, beaming white light forth.

Once that is complete, you will focus on shining this radiating light on the Gulf of Mexico in all its splendor, as it is cradled in the Center of the Milky Way, the recipient of white light shining into it from all recesses of the Universe. Now you focus your intentions, calling upon your guardian angels and spirit guides, and any other celestials coming from a place of light and love who wish to heal, protect, light and guide, and alert them to your intentions to focus healing energies on the Gulf and its inhabitants. Emphasize your love for this region, your gratitude for its many forms of life, and your desire for the highest good of all to prevail.

You are now in the cradle of white light, surrounding you and Gulf itself. You are standing in the middle of the ocean and sending the white light into the waters. Visualize the interplay of light from the sun, the light from the healing energies you are focusing into the water, and the light of the Universe, all flowing through the gently rippling waters, and the rainbow glints of light that catch and reflect these sources of light as they play over the waves.

Utilize any images you have in your memory banks of crystal clear, light blue waters, of schools of fish happily swimming about, of burgeoning life upon coral reefs, of sea anemones and dolphins, sea plants and plankton, and other sea life in perfect balance and harmony. Sending healing white light into all these forms of life, you see only the clarity of the water, the health and promise of all the sea life before you. If you have a special relationship to crystals and would like to attempt this, visualize the collective spirit of clear quartz crystal, of rose quartz, of any calming, gentle crystal energy you like, flowing into the waters, into the animals. I like to picture a giant apophyllite quartz crystal* is at the bottom of the ocean floor, and that it rises up energetically to fill the entire space of the Gulf region -- animals can still maneuver through it, but in so doing, they incorporate the healing energies of this crystal into their beings, body, mind and spirit.

Focus of Intention:
The purpose of this healing meditation is to accentuate and bring to life the full potential of the Gulf in perfect health, with clear, clean water, and healthy, flourishing forms of sea life. If imagery of the oil spill floats into your mind, gently push that to the side, and if it is your preference, you can ask that God "not put that into the law." It is difficult not to visualize the diseased state in focusing on the newly healed state, but for the purpose of this meditation, we visualize the purity and health of this region. For those with advanced knowledge of the many layers of the ocean food chain, take the time to visualize these many tiers of the ecosystem, each in full abundance, health, and vitality. Recognize the beauty and dignity of each of these layers. Send gratitude into the tiniest parts of the food chain, the microscopic sea plankton, and acknowledge their special place in the ecosystem. The tiniest forms of life are as critical to the health of this planet as are our larger friends, the dolphins and fish.

After you have spent time on these visualizations, attend to your traditional method of energy healing or prayer.

Final Thoughts:
If visualizing any aspect of the Gulf and its healed situation is difficult for you, release specific visualizations and simply focus on the radiant white light of the divine flowing into the waters. Let it be known that your intention, above all else, is for perfect alignment to God's will, and your healing intentions go out with respect for the highest good of all, free will, and harming none. Whatsoever is in the best interest of the Gulf and its inhabitants, let the white light attend to each matter on its own, and trust in the healing potentials of the exercise. Make it your intention that as the water heals, so too do its inhabitants. The water itself, in its newly healed state, becomes the medium upon which the growth and health of the region rebounds.

*An apophyllite crystal is one that is naturally shaped like a pyramid, and it tapers up gently to the point at its apex. I visualize healing energies emanating from this point, flowing into all surrounding life and into the water itself. I also visualize this crystal as lying on its side before me as I send out healing, so that its bottom is against the front of my body, and the apex aligns with my 3rd eye. As I visualize my basic, conscious and higher selves perfectly integrated and shining out through my 3rd eye, it is through the apex of the apophyllite crystal that it flows outward, so that whomsoever is the recipient of the light, gets the full force of the energies and healing potentials of this crystal flowing into them, simultaneous to the healing energies of the white light itself.  Here is a picture of one:

 I have read that the Mayans and other ancient cultures used quartz crystals to store information, to heal, to perform rituals of all kinds. I honor this tradition by incorporating crystals (physically and spiritually, through visualization), into my healing rituals for others. Perhaps crystals, ancient and mysteriously formed as they are, have locked within them the potential to foster basic healing and alignment to God's will. I attempt to call upon "the spirit of" quartz crystals to be energetically present in a given person, place or situation, to shed whatever healing potentials are possible and to encourage balance and harmony. It is also my hope that their ability to contain information then connects the individuals to ancient wisdom and truth, as we all connect back to the same Source. I believe that our earth's crystals are one means by which we can connect to an earlier time, and for instance, to feel and be connected to the lost civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. In so doing, perhaps lost wisdom and knowledge can super-consciously connect us to deeper truths, and assist us in overcoming the disease-states fostered in modern times. An earlier state of consciousness that preceded modern times might be beneficial in attempting to reconnect to lost potentials and wisdom, and in coming out from under the veil of what seems to be important in present-day. Just a thought!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Lifting the Veil of Illusion (Machu Picchu)

The following Circle Objective was created by Circle member Joann.  We will remain with this meditation and setting for about two weeks.  Thanks again to Joann for contributing to the Circle Project and for providing such a beautiful and sacred setting to project our consciousness and our will.  Having visited this place in the flesh, Joann knows it very well and she will be a wonderful guide and leader.  Let us all focus on the photograph at the bottom of the post and keep it in our hearts and minds as we meditate.


Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 to 4:30 AM and 10:00 to 10:30 PM (U.S Eastern time zone (two meditation times)

Objective: Lifting the veil of Illusion


We will meditate and pray in our own way and we will project our loving vibrations and white light down from one of the most highly spiritual places on Earth, Machu Picchu. We will open our hearts and minds for the purest light and project all that fills our hearts to all peoples of the planet, places and all living things as well as Mother Earth. You can state any intentions or just sit quietly and be love in the light and send it out into the world.

We will extend the divine will and see all connected to the one Source and see humanity doing more from heart for others than for self.

Setting: Machu Picchu

We will be sitting in a circle around the Sun Dial at Machu Picchu high up in the Andes Mountains projecting our love and light quietly from the high peaks. We will gather just before sunset and witness the sun rise over the peaks lighting up the Sun Dial as well as our souls and all living things. We will feel the sun rays washing over entire humanity, lifting the misty veils that keep us from clearly seeing our truth. We will project that light over ignorance, ego and all that keeps us from seeing our fellow human beings as ourselves. We will let the light and love transcend our differences.

Focus of Intention:

Concentrate on joining in oneness all across the world holding hands and see that no matter what color or creed, we are one people living under the same sky and light shines down on us all in the same way equally. See humanity joining our circle of light. Focus on our brothers and sisters extending loving hands to those struggling to let go of old paradigms creating new awakenings.

See a world without hunger, hate, bigotry, greed, cruelty, separation from our God-Self and people taking advantage of each other. Concentrate on all in our government, community and those in power to be guided on the virtuous path.

See a high standard living for all humanity and abundance for all. Also give gratitude and send loving white light to the one who holds us and sustains us for she is shaking and trembling, cleansing herself of negativity. Pray that it happens with much comfort and grace as possible. Also concentrate on the intelligent management of Earth's natural resources.

Final thoughts:

When we arise from meditation try to maintain this mind of love, so that whenever we meet or where ever we go we see ourselves in others. 


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Circle of Hands

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Haiti meditations.  There is still a lot of work to do there and the Haitian people will continue to need your love and support.  Please don't forget about them and keep them in your prayers. It is my hope and intention that they find the keys to eternal life somewhere in the rubble of their shattered world, and through brotherhood they discover the light of life.

I would like to invite all of you circle members to participate in the creation of subsequent objectives to the Circles Project.  As we are all indwelt with the spirit of God, we all have great creative potential, and therefore are capable of expressing that creative energy in many ways that can enlighten our fellows.

If you would like to submit an objective for future meditations, please email the verbiage and any artwork you would like to include to me and I will post it to the CP blog.  You may use the Haiti meditation objective as a reference if you like, but I encourage originality.  Please choose two meditation times and you may choose any times you like.  Not all of us may be able to meditate at these chosen times, but I'm sure as we rotate the objectives we will all find one that is convenient for us.  Try not to make it too long and keep it in the spirit of unity and brotherhood with respect for the diversity of all other circle members participating from all parts of the world, cultures, and religions.

Next week's meditation objective will be created by circle member Joann.  Thanks Joann, I look forward to receiving your objective.

Please tell others about the Circles Project that we may build it into a strong force of goodness to serve humanity and bring it one step closer to Light and Life!




Friday, January 22, 2010

Fixed Meditation Times (Focus Haiti)

I’ve decided to schedule the Synchronized Meditation Circle (SMC) as a reoccurring appointment.  That way everyone will know exactly when the SMC is to occur without necessarily having to check back on the CP blog.  The focus of our objective is to send light, love, healing, and hope to the people of Haiti who are suffering and coping with the aftermath of  the great quake that destroyed that already poor country.

I invite everyone to join us in this SMC whether you are actively participating as a Circle member or just a silent contributor, your presence and energy is needed and appreciated. We will maintain our focus on Haiti for a few weeks and until I post the next objective.

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 to 4:30 AM and 10:00 to 10:30 PM U.S. Eastern time zone (two meditation times).

Haiti recovery

We will be using a virtual Merkabah in this meditation and if you do not know what that is you can read about it here: Merkabah.  The Merkabah will be used to focus our energy and to send out a wave of light and love across the country that will touch every man woman and child.  When you hook up to the Merkabah, a shaft of pure white light will form at the center of the circle.  You will send your love energy into it, and as you do this, waves of light, like a pebble in a pond will ripple out from the axis and spread out over the countryside.  While these waves of light are emanating from the Merkabah, you will state your intentions and offer your prayers for the people. Ask your guides and guardians to join in and help strengthen this love signal.

You will project your consciousness into a white circle in the middle of a road amidst the crumbling ruins of the city.  Other light workers will be in the circle with you and you will take your place beside them and hook into the Merkabah.  You may observe the coming and going of people there as they go about their life in this dismal place trying to pick up the pieces of what was a not so wonderful life of poverty, yet now is nothing but rubble.  You’ll see grieving mothers and fathers, orphaned children, injured and desperate people wanting food and water.  You may interact with anyone you feel you want to help and heal.

Focus of intention:
Concentrate on strong leadership that will coordinate the relief efforts there to sustain the population while longer term plans are being organized for sustainable communities with adequate social services.  Concentrate on the spirit of brotherhood to rein in the hearts of the Haitian people to help one another to pick up, rebuild, and to make a better life there than they had before.  Concentrate on love and healing.

Final thoughts:
Don’t be too concerned about procedures and correct intensions, just let love well up in your heart and go with the flow.  After you have made your intentions known, continue in silence and stillness and listen to the voice of spirit speak to you.  This meditation is not only to send love and healing to others, but it is also a vehicle for your own soul growth by communing with spirit.

See you in the Circle,



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Phase II

The Sixth Lesson on Love ends Phase I of the Circles Project.  All lessons in the book “Life in the Circles” have been posted and I hope that it was beneficial to you all to have studied these truths.  I encourage all of you to re-read, study, and apply these lessons in your daily life.  All who have come and felt compelled to be a part of the Circles Project are to be commended for taking your first steps into a larger reality, one that encompasses the understandings of eternal progression through service to others, through self-mastery, through awareness and guidance of celestial helpers, and through contact with your indwelling spirit, the Thought Adjuster. 

Those that are beginning to realize their potential as eternal beings in a highly organized universe based on love and perfection attainment have the obligation to God and humanity to serve and teach as well as to learn and so we must reach out with our hearts and minds to shine the light of these eternal truths wherever we are and within our own circles in life.

If you have completed Phase I of the Circles Project and are ready to begin Phase II, please email me and introduce yourself so that I can organize the Circle for its first step in “doing” as a way to learn and grow.  If you have only just recently discovered the Circles Project and are in process of reading the lessons, please continue on and feel free to email me anytime and say hello.  Phase II will seamlessly absorb all students currently studying the lessons when they are complete.

Phase II

Phase II will be to establish a “Circle.”  A Circle is a group of spiritually aware individuals who have completed Phase I and who will join together in accomplishing a set of goals established by the Circle leader.  The “goals” will evolve as the group gains experience and develops an energy flow of oneness.  All assignments by the group leader are voluntary and you may choose to participate or not.  Your participation will strengthen the energy and outcome of the goal or experiment and you may experience insight and spiritual growth as a result.

To begin, I would like to establish a synchronized meditation circle.  What is a synchronized meditation circle (SMC)?  A SMC is a group meditation that meditates at the same time and with the same focus or objective regardless of physical location as if all were in the same room.  I understand that it may be difficult to get all circle members together at the same time, depending on where they are on the planet, but we can always organize smaller circles of time-zone convenient groups if need be in the future.

The first meditation is scheduled the week of January 11, 2010.  An exact day and time is to be determined.  If you would like to participate in this event as part of the circle, please email me and I will assign you a place in the circle.  If you want to participate silently you are welcome to do so.  I will post the time, setting and objective in my next post.

Each meditation will take place in an ancient or historical place or ruin site of interest at various locations around the world.  The Circle members will do some research on the particular place of interest before hand to seed the subconscious before the meditation.  One or more Circle members will provide Internet links or information on the proposed site the week before the meditation.  These ancient or historical sites will provide for a virtual setting and a common meeting place in which to project our consciousness while we come together in unity to execute our objective.  The objectives will vary and will include our intentions for love, peace, healing, protection, or to positively influence a person(s), or event.  There will also be times for contact with a celestial teacher or Midwayer, but these events will come later after the Circle is well established and all are comfortable with these objectives.  For now, let us put some of our training to work and send light where it is needed.

I look forward to hearing from each of you.